Besides running a successful business and excelling in many areas Rajan is also actively involved in social work and has supported many NGO'S by raising funds and in many other ways. The NGO KHUSHII (Kinship for Humanitarian Social & Holistic Intervention) headed by cricket legend Kapil Dev, runs a number of schools & feeds 18000 children every day by providing mid-day meals. Rajan has been supporting it since a long time.

Nainital (Shyamkhet)

Rajan has also put a lot of efforts to support the schools in Nainital (Shyamkhet). The schools were lacking in various basic amenities. Rajan took the initiative to improve the conditions of school by building proper toilets for girl’s school, provided clean drinking water and proper cooking facilities to them. He settled their previous 5 years pending water bill. He built a playground for the students and had provided different sorts of game equipments. Sitting arrangement for teachers and students was also done by providing table, chairs, bench and rugs. He has also distributed bags, lunch boxes and water bottles to the students. Rajan's effort has made life of students and teachers at school much better and comfortable.

Helpage India

"HELPAGE INDIA" is a registered, national level voluntary organization engaged in the task of alleviating the problems of aged and poor of our society. Helpage has 21 regional and area offices all over India creating awareness, raising funds and providing a range of facilities to benefit the under privileged elderly. Rajan had produced a set of lithographs for Helpage aptly called "Success Accessories". These lithographs were sold by them to raise funds. They have been designed to reinforce goals, improve productivity and motivate people in general irrespective of their field of activity or business". A donation box is always kept at the entrance of the golf club that hosts Rajan's birthday tour annually. People are advised not to bring gifts, but to drop a cheque or cash of any amount for Helpage.

Gujarat Earthquake

Earlier this century, Gujarat experienced one of the worse ever earthquake causing thousands of casualties and loss of crores."

"GPL Group" has also built a village devastated by Gujarat Earthquake. Apart from the financial help to the various NGO's, GPL surveyed various villages and selected Village Wagdia as there was no proper assistance received by then. The villagers, whose houses were destroyed more than 90%, were spending their nights in the open sky in the full winter season.

Rajan took a personal visit to village Wagdia and guided his staff to make immediate shelters for the needy people. He prepared dozens of pukka sheds within ten days time. People of the village still remember the gesture shown by him.