“While shooting, I do feel closely connected to the subject, the lighting and composition seems the most important elements of my pictures"


Following his interest in photography he took keen interest in the photo in early 90's and has worked closely with S Paul, his Guru. He has travelled to many places in India and has won many awards & recognition. He has won 3 national awards, National Wildlife Photographer Award, won the Common Wealth Photographic Award and also the American Photo Forum award. His photographs have appeared at several exhibitions including solo shows at the national center for performing arts and prestigious exhibitions like Jahangir art Bombay called "Art thru the lens". He has proceed a books on photography.

His work regularly features in several international publications of repute including the Yearbook of Photography-UK, one of the most sought after photography annuals in the world known for publishing award-winning pictures. Conceptualizing & Anchoring a live photo show on national TV with a viewership of 80 million has further added a feather to his cap. Rajan has also used his photography skills for humanitarian purpose. His successories i.e. a set of 12 motivating pictures have been produced and donated to Helpage India. It has helped the organization raise a substantial sum from corporate and general public. He has also done a similar set for the NGO KHUSHI, Promoted by Mr. Kapil Dev.

PHOTOGRAPHERS NOTE: For me the journey into the photo-world began in 1990, when I bought my first camera. By this time technology had advanced to auto focus, so shooting a picture had become comparitatively easier. In the present scenario, digital has brought in sea-change into the world of photography.

It' been long time since I had painting as part of my professional practice which requires me to create different compositions and experiment with textures on canvas inside my studio. This has led me to further my research with a camera into the elements of painting that can be found as outcome of natural process and random events.